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Thank you for your interest in distributing your music through The Source! Here you can find the forms you must fill-in to apply for an account for our service.

After filling-in the form, we will analyse your application on various metrics, including the type of music you will supply, as well as a range of legal and commercial parameters.
You will receive a revenue share proposal and if you agree to that, we will send you a link to sign the agreement (click here for an example) and subsequently create your account in our system. You will also be asked to supply a copy of a government issued personal ID and proof of your physical address.

Please allow up to two weeks for us to respond to your application, due to overwhelming interest. Also note that we reserve the right to deny your application without disclosing the reasons for denial.

Make sure to choose the option below that corresponds best with your actual situation.

Please make sure to answer all questions concisely and truthfully and include a full physical address. We want to make sure to offer you a service that fits your needs. Also, answering these questions incorrectly or untruthfully can lead to refusal of service or problems further down the line, including incorrect royalty amounts, takedowns of your content and ultimately, termination of your account. After all, you are about to enter into a legal agreement.

Artists or small labels

If you are an artist, band or person operating under various artist names and you represent yourself without  a regular record label,

Labels or content owners

If you are a record label or licensee representing multiple artists, bands or licensors, or any other type of content owner,