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Note: if you are an artist/musician/band/producer, or manage your own small label with primarily your own music, even if you operate under multiple artist names, please do not use this form, but go here.

After filling-in the form, we will analyse your application on various metrics, including the type of music you will supply, as well as a range of legal and commercial parameters.
Please allow up to two weeks for us to respond to your application, due to overwhelming interest. Also note that we reserve the right to deny your application without disclosing the reasons for denial. 

Before you proceed, please read the following terms:

  • In order to distribute your content through us, you must own the full rights (either by license or master ownership) for digital distribution.
  • Supplying remixes of third party tracks without the explicit permission of the original works' rights holders is not allowed. 
  • Third party artist names not in your catalogue should not be used or alluded to in supplied metadata, nor should any original third party content be supplied as being your own without license or explicit permission of the original works' rights holders.
  • Do not use paid promotion services that promise or guarantee increased streaming of your content or playlist placements. These companies may employ fraudulent streaming techniques, which can lead to takedowns of your catalogue and termination of your account.
  • Certain types/genres of music are excluded from Content ID and similar digital fingerprinting services on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud etc. These include, but are not limited to, ambient soundscapes, sound-alike covers, karaoke and spoken word.
  • Certain types/genres of music are difficult to place on many outlets or will be declined outright, such as public domain, karaoke, sound-alike covers.
  • Content containing commonly available samples, beats, loops or instrumentals, or live versions with a likeness to the original recording, can trigger false fingerprinting matches, which will lead to reference de-activation on applicable services.
  • If you agree to our revenue share proposal (which you will receive after filling-in this form), you enter into a non-exclusive legal agreement with The Source B.V. to digitally distribute your catalogue for the duration of one year from the date of activation of your account, which will automatically renew with a subsequent notice period of one month. Non-exclusivity means that you remain free to exploit your content through any means other than the services that The Source provides. A full contract will be provided shortly after account activation.
  • Not adhering to these terms and content restrictions can lead to delivery delays, takedowns and ultimately account termination and/or legal proceedings.
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Please enter your name to signify that you've filled-in this form accurately and truthfully and that you've understood and agree to the content restrictions and terms as mentioned on the top of this page. Then click on Submit. After analysing the information you provided, we will contact you with a revenue share proposal or initiate further deliberation. If you agree to the proposed percentage, we will create your account and you can go ahead and distribute your music with us.