Licensing, Compilations & Campaigns

The Source can create audiovisual products and concepts to be used as promotional or campaign tools.

We have a wide selection styles and genres to choose from, and we can also help you develop the concept or campaign from start to finish. You can choose from different types of recordings (Original, Karaoke, Sound-a-like & Instrumental Cover Versions) and create great concepts.

Some of our successful campaigns include genres from:

  • Latin, Mariachi, Tijuana, Hawaiian, Flamenco, Samba, Bossa Nova
  • Native American, Country, Irish, Celtic, Afro American
  • Asian, Goa Trance, Oriental, Belly Dance, African
  • Bollywood & Bhangra
  • Nu Disco, Elektro Clash, Reggae, Gospel, Jazzelectro, Tango Tronic
  • Balkan Beats, Urban Dance & Trance, World Chart Hits
  • Tributes (One Artist's ... Best Of)
  • Lounge, Chill-Out, New Age, Tranquillity, Ambient, Meditation, Relaxation
  • Nature Sounds & Music, Aromatherapy, Fitness, Wellness & Healing
  • Soundtracks & Highlights from Movies & Shows
  • Ballroom & Latin Dance (with Strict Tempo)
  • Christmas Repertoire (50+ Albums)
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Concept Development

The Source can work with you to develop ideas and concepts for complete catalogues and series for audio and video. This includes box sets, special product on CD, DVD, Blu-ray or as a digital download. This can include design, artwork and packaging if required.


With over 200,000 tracks available for licensing, you can find what you need on our online database. Licensing rights are available for CD, DVD, Broadcast, Digital, Downloads, Streaming, Ringtones, TV, Films, Synchronisation, etc.

Song Placement

The Source offers your content not only to licensing and digital distribution outlets but also to various synchronisation and clearance services. Whether you hold master rights or publishing rights (or both) our licensing department will ensure that your content is offered for licensing for film, television and advertising use. At The Source we pride ourselves on the wide range of expertise that our team can offer. From dealing with music copyright managers to working with broadcasting and production companies and with advertisers, our team of experts can deal with a whole multitude of music licensing issues, making life easier for our clients.