Content & Repertoire Management

Our Content and Repertoire Management systems cater for all types of data, and all types of media can be supported or transferred as required. Using our in-house software, our databases can be tailor-made to each company’s individual needs and designed to interface with your existing systems.

The Source Content Management is not just about making sure your media and your data are organised. We lookout for opportunities in order to help utilise your content to its full potential, and we will inform you as soon as we see things that may be of interest to you.
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Application Programming Interface (API)

The Source provides content owners, labels and outlets with flexible and extensible interfaces, allowing partners to start up with a minimum of integration costs and delays. By using our API and hosted search services, partners can even operate outlets without any local database hosting or synchronisation. In this way you are able to feed your website with content assets and also enable and control your customised store dedicated to a company, label, brand or artist.

Online facilities with The Source Content Editor

With The Source Content Editor your content and metadata are online and accessible 24/7:

  • Content and Asset Management
  • All audio and video formats supported as well as images, production elements and mobile formats, etc.
  • Easy online access to your content, enabling simple and speedy creation of new products from existing assets.
  • All your metadata brought together into one multifaceted single system where all information (title, artist, album, label, composer, publisher, etc.) is linked and searchable.
  • Organise and control your data in a straight forward and simple way.
  • Deliveries to any online music store, mobile operators, etc.
  • Automated online royalty accounting system.

Download Links

Whether you need to send MP3 files to a licensee or a full CD in master quality, The Source offers the functionality to generate individual download links for any asset (artwork, audio or video) on the Content Editor. Your content is only made available to authorised parties. Geographic filtering can be applied for contract compliance as well as for fraud prevention.

Metadata Acquisitions

Obtaining and processing metadata can be time-consuming, but The Source takes care of it all. Both analogue and digital sources are supported, as is ensuring that the data meets all quality and format guidelines for embedding in your content as well as distribution to content aggregators (e.g. the iTunes Store).