Royalty & Copyright Accounting

We offer end to end royalty accounting with tailor-made flexibility. Our systems cater to the most complex royalty accounting set-ups and provide statements on demand, and even on online for the digital distribution.

Should you require it, mechanical copyright services can also be made available in certain territories.
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Separate Royalty Accounting Interface

If you need to set up a royalty system for your business partners, third party royalty statements can be downloaded through a blank (without mentioning The Source) custom or generic interface, which can be incorporated into third party websites.

Multi Currency

Royalty accounting can take place in every possible currency. Royalty income from portals can be transferred in the same currency or converted to another, using the exchange rate on the day of receipt.

Daily Trend Reports

Whether you're the licensor or the licensee, we provide real-time access to all your transactions and generate accurate statements at the dates and in the formats required by your business partners.

Manual Uploads

The Content Editor accommodates ad hoc manual uploads of income sheets for various other forms of royalty processing.

Income Types

Uniquely, the Content Editor does not just accommodate royalty processing for digital sales. Physical product sales, flat-fee deals and synchronisation royalties can all be entered and processed, including cross-recoup deals.

Flexible Periods

Accounting periods can be 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Sales on White Label outlets are processed in real-time, and trend reports are processed daily.

Multi Level Accounting

A "chain of contracts" can be entered into the Content Editor, thereby ensuring a smooth distribution of royalties on several levels, and all within a completely automated process. Statements can be customised to each client's requirements.