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Welcome to the catalogue portal of The Source!

Please feel welcome to browse our extensive public catalogue using the blue box above.

In the results from your search all Albums, Tracks, Visuals, and Ringtones that meet your criteria will be shown.

If you want to do a more complex search please click the Advanced Search link, which will bring up more types of data to search.

What's new?

If you are already familiar with the portal you will notice that the tabs on top have been changed. All management functions (reporting, basketmanagement, repertoire management) now can be found underneath a the tab "Manage". Right next to that you will find the tab "create", which will help you to get quicker on the way to create new content.

Options for Content Editor users

If you have an account for the The Source Content Editor you can Log In to this website using that account, this will give you more advanced options:

  • Create Baskets which can be submitted to us as Mastering Request, Licensing Request, Synch Request, or as one of your own new albums
  • Review your albums before they are delivered to the digital outlets
  • Check your royalties online and download them as a .pdf or zipped .tab file at the click of a button
  • Create albums and/or tracks using our easy to use wizard
  • With much more to come, as we keep improving where we can...